Our unique Parenting Apart Programme is another form of dispute resolution.

It works.

It enables families who may be entrenched within the Court system to find a way out…if communication has broken down with their ex-partner it can help bring it back online…but fundamentally it supports the well-being and the voice of the child/ren in the middle of any relationship breakdown.

We receive many referrals from Solicitors, legal representatives, the Courts, aswell as self-referrals. Our Programme has seen the most challenging of cases, sent to us through the ‘legal representative’ route as they have not been able to turn things around.

These cases have gone through the Parenting Apart Programme to significantly shifting towards positive co-parenting and with the child/ren being much happier.


 “The Parenting Apart Programme really is unique. There simply is no other programme out there which provides the kind of one to one support which parents often need to overcome the issues at the heart of a dispute. The Claire Field Consultancy provide’s a real alternative to slogging it out in litigation, helping parents to understand and respect each other’s point of view and giving them the opportunity to see the separation through the eyes of the child. I cannot recommend the Programme highly enough.”

Mark Hands
Family Solicitor
Irwin Mitchell LLP


If the Parenting Apart Programme could help you, or your clients (if you are a professional) then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us for further information or visit our website. The more information you can share with your clients on what is out there can that can make the significant change they need, the better.


And finally, we are in the process of planning our next round of Seminar days. This news will be announced soon but if you are interested the do get in touch to log your interest and when once announced, we can notify you.