The Parenting Apart Programme is unique on so many levels…

  • It is another form of dispute resolution and therefore can aid long standing disputes to move forward and conclude with positive outcomes.
  • It allows for Parents struggling to communicate their issues a space to be heard, but also a space to empower them to make real changes for the betterment of their child/ren.
  • It can assist and support Parents prior to proceedings, during proceedings and post proceedings.

We are confident in how our approach can make the difference, but don’t take our word for it.

We are launching a series of Testimonials of real life cases (some will be anonymous) and will give you a flavour of how the PAP has made a significantly positive change for families who were once entrenched in legalities and arguments.

We begin with Andy and how the Parenting Apart Programme has helped him…


After more than 8 years of almost continual court appearances and local authority interventions, all of which had failed, we were referred to Claire Field Consultancy in a last ditch attempt to try and help both of us to see the harm we were causing our little girl.
Because of the high level of conflict Claire brought in her colleague Stephen Taylor, through listening to both parents, and most importantly our daughter, they helped negotiate a truce and, for my part helped me to see the need for flexibility and to agree to our daughter spending more time with her mother.
Claire approaches matters with sympathy, empathy and from the perspective of “having been there and done that” which every other ‘professional’ had failed to achieve. I have grown to respect Claire and Stephen and their advice. To this day, more than 18 months after the referral they continue to be there for support when we need them when the occasional dispute arises.
I consider the service that Claire and Stephen provide in the Parenting Apart Programme to be unique, but frankly it should be a first port of call when disputes over children arise following a family breakdown. If we had had this service available to us years ago I believe that matters would not have gotten so out of hand.
Claire, Stephen and Gemma have my and our daughter’s heartfelt thanks and my heartiest recommendation.
Andy – Dad to our beautiful little girl.


Could the Parenting Apart Programme help your clients?

Want to know more about how you could access this support?

Are you interested in becoming a trainer of the Programme?

We are hosting a Seminar on Thursday 26 May 2016 where you will have the opportunity to meet Claire, her team and to gain an insight to the working of the Programme. The link here will take you to booking yourself onto this upcoming Seminar.

We are also developing a Seminar in Birmingham – date and venue to be announced – we are looking at early July2016 so if this is of interest, then please do log your interest by emailing here with SEMINAR-JULY2016 in your title bar.

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