As another form of dispute resolution our unique Parenting Apart Programme has supported many families going through separation, conflict or divorce to support the voice and well being of the child/ren also involved.

At these extreme heightened and emotionally charged times, parents unfortunately do not always see clearly. How their actions, words and interactions with one another may be affecting the child/ren they are so desperate to protect. Some families may also of been in the Court system for several years with no end in sight.

What the Parenting Apart Programme does is:

  • It allows for Parents struggling to communicate their issues a space to be heard, but also a space to empower them to make real changes for the betterment of their child/ren.
  • It can assist and support Parents prior to proceedings, during proceedings and post proceedings.

We are confident in how our approach can make the difference, but don’t take our word for it.

This week’s Testimonial is from the ‘parent’ perspective and how working with the Claire Field Consultancy has made the difference…


I would like to thank everyone in Claire Field Consultancy for the professional service through my ordeal. The reports were spot-on with the accuracy of information.

The outcome from the Court was unsupervised contact with overnight stays, something i had longed for in all of the turmoil.





If the Parenting Apart Programme could help you, or your clients (if you are a professional) then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us for further information or visit our website.