The Parenting Apart Programme is unique on so many levels…

  • It is another form of dispute resolution and therefore can aid long standing disputes to move forward and conclude with positive outcomes.
  • It allows for Parents struggling to communicate their issues a space to be heard, but also a space to empower them to make real changes for the betterment of their child/ren.
  • It can assist and support Parents prior to proceedings, during proceedings and post proceedings.

We are confident in how our approach can make the difference, but don’t take our word for it.

This week’s Testimonial is from the ‘legal’ perspective and how working with Claire Field Consultancy has made the difference…


Effective communication between parents upon the breakdown of their relationship about the arrangements for the division of their children’s care can be something which many parents struggle to achieve.  Some parents will find themselves on the receiving end of a court application instigated by their former partner because they have not been able to agree what is in their children’s best interests going forwards. 

Whilst not every case can be resolved without the need for court intervention, Claire Field certainly has the ability to identify and address the barriers (such as lack of trust, historical issues, power struggles etc.) which can cloud some parents judgment, preventing them from addressing their situation from the perspective of the children involved and enable them to communicate better.

Claire was recently involved in a particularly complex case of mine within which two very capable, highly skilled, professional parents struggled to communicate.  Over a period of time, she worked hard to enable both parents to “move on” from the problems of the past and the court proceedings which had embattled them in costly litigation across two jurisdictions to bring about an amicable resolution within which the future division of the children’s time was agreed.  Both parents in that case expressed warm gratitude to Claire for the hard work she and her team had put in.  I will therefore continue to recommend her services to clients, where appropriate and other professionals.

Vivienne Middleton
Associate Solicitor
Divorce & Family Law Practice LLP


If the Parenting Apart Programme could help you, or your clients (if you are a professional) then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us for further information or visit our website.