The Parenting Apart Programme is unique on so many levels…

  • It is another form of dispute resolution and therefore can aid long standing disputes to move forward and conclude with positive outcomes.
  • It allows for Parents struggling to communicate their issues a space to be heard, but also a space to empower them to make real changes for the betterment of their child/ren.
  • It can assist and support Parents prior to proceedings, during proceedings and post proceedings.

We are confident in how our approach can make the difference, but don’t take our word for it.

Each week we will be sharing Testimonials of real life cases (some will be anonymous) and will give you a flavour of how the PAP has made a significantly positive change for families who were once entrenched in legalities and arguments.

The testimonial below is from another Parent sharing how the Parenting Apart Programme has helped them and their family…


“We were introduced and encouraged to use Claire Field Consultancy by our Solicitors following a marriage separation. At first I was dubious as had never received any kind of help and didn’t really expect anything from it. Our biggest issue was two children who were caught up in the middle of the separation but fortunately we both agreed early on that nothing else mattered and only their health, happiness and general wellbeing.
The first couple of meetings were testing and not something I would like to experience again but at least we were communicating. After several meetings with Claire progress was made and although we have had the odd hiccup along the way, and felt it was about to breakdown at any time, we managed to get through hopefully the most traumatic part and are now communicating and our boys appear to be unaffected by the huge changes in all our lives.
I would not hesitate to recommend Claire Field Consultancy but advise to go with an open mind and a willingness to compromise.”


If the Parenting Apart Programme could help you, or your clients (if you are a professional) then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us for further information or visit our website.