At Claire Field Consultancy we work with many families who are going through separation, divorce or conflict. By working with these families through our Parenting Apart Programme we are privileged to be part of their journey towards working better together as parents for the well being of their child/ren.

Stephen Taylor is a front line practitioner who has been delivering the Parenting Apart Programme for over five years. Further to this, Stephen has over thirty years experience in areas such as safeguarding, managing conflict, crisis intervention, drug and alcohol awareness, domestic abuse/violence and child protection. With such a depth of experience, and working alongside Claire Field, there are more families than ever receiving much needed support through the Parenting Apart Programme.

As another form of dispute resolution our Parenting Apart Programme is a unique programme that has the child/ren of a family at the heart of unpicking possible years of being in the Court system. The Programme supports prior, during and post Court proceedings…something that is essential especially as these can be emotionally charged moments for anyone in the midst of it all.

If you or your clients want to book an initial phone chat with Stephen then do not hesitate to contact the office in complete confidence – 01562 700447.

For further information on the Parenting Apart Programme we have some information you can download:

For Parents.

For Professionals.

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