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A child needs both parents

Legal & Professional…

  • Contact arrangements – 7 days a week
  • Family Assessment – interview, education, medical, background
  • Assessments – risk and viability
  • Re-establish relationships
  • Direct work with parents and children
  • Working agreements
  • Supervised and supported contacts
  • Handovers
  • Evidence at Court
  • Court reports – overviews, summaries, recommendations and expert evidence.

Contact Arrangements

We establish and implement workable and agreed contact arrangements through working agreements between parents, extended family members and the children, operating 7 days a week in a safe and welcoming environment, either in a children’s centre, home or within the community.


We are fully qualified to undertake family assessments, including risk and viability. This offers crucial information and evidence for all professionals during any Court proceedings and securing positive outcomes in the child’s best interests s and well being.

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…Having the Parenting Working Agreement to hand undoubtedly reduced the time and expense of the Court proceedings and gave my client the feeling and the ability to make decisions for her child as a responsible parent..

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