Imagine the extra level of taboo on the shoulders of parents from cultural backgrounds when separating. The challenges of how secure both parents will be in order to care for their child/ren in the coming months, especially when extended families may be involved. The extra weight of guilt and community stigma attached to ending a marriage/relationship.

Our Parenting Apart Programme is here to support the needs of any parent going through separation, divorce or conflict. The PAP can also extend to supporting immediate care givers of any child/ren involved so a well rounded picture of care can be established. It also enables the already stressful process of change to be as low impact as can be feasibly possible.

As another form of dispute resolution, the Parenting Apart Programme works. We know from the level of referrals we receive on a weekly basis from solicitors, lawyers and even self referrals…the positive impact on shifting the dynamic, the focus and enabling real change to happen in a short space of time, the PAP has on families.

If you are a family in crisis and need our help, do not let the issue of a language barrier stop you. We can discuss any additional help you may need to make your change happen. Why not give the office a call to book in a time for one of the family consultants to have an informal chat with you. We are happy to go at your pace as long as the emotional well being of the child/ren are the focal point of your journey.

If you want further information to understand how we can better support different communities, check this informative link out:

To learn more about the Parenting Apart Programme Seminar Days and how it can support your clients, or how you can even get trained to deliver the programme, why not drop us a line to register your interest. Please put -Seminar Days- or -Training- in the title bar when you contact us.